Podcast Interviews

The One with Amazin LeThi - The LGBT Sport Podcast. The bodybuilder on getting into the sport and using her platform to promote LGBTQ inclusion in sports. Listen Here

Amazin shares her journey from homelessness to global advocate, the importance of intersectional advocacy between the black and asian communities and more. Listen Here

Discovering our voice & living our unapologetic truth with Amazin Lêthi. Listen Here

Amazin spoke to 'Be Spoken' podcast about her journey from an orphanage in Vietnam to a global LGBTQ sports, human rights advocate and global ambassador. Listen Here

Amazin shares her story and global LGBTQ advocacy with 'Being LGBTQ Podcast'.

Listen Here 

Weightlifting Out of Racism with Amazin Lethi. Listen Here

LGBTQ Activism in Sports with Amazin LeThi. Listen Here

Listen to Amazin's 'Tough Girl Podcast' interview where she shares how sports has shaped her life through adversity. Listen Here

Amazin shares her story and why she is passionate about LGBTQ and Asian visibility in sports, foundations she's worked with, and gives her best advice if you're going through a time of hopelessness. Listen Here

Asian, Queer, Experienced Homeless, Advocate – Amazin LeThi. Listen Here

Amazin LeThi

Speaker. Advocate. Athlete.

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