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Amazin LeThi

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Speaker. Advocate. Athlete.

Inspiring YOU to ‘Choose Challenge : Change the Game’



'EMBRACE each person’s story. Be TRULY diverse and inclusive'

Amazin LeThi is a keynote speaker, LGBTQ advocate, athlete, cultural change leader, published author and commentator. She is currently the first and only Asian LGBTQ Athlete to simultaneously hold multiple LGBTQ sports ambassador roles in the world. 


As a globally recognised expert in diversity, equity and inclusion she is an in-demand guest speaker and advisor to fortune 500 companies, governments and international organisations such as the United Nations and The Prince’s Trust where she provides advocacy, guidance and support on human rights, DEI, sports and LGBTQ initiatives. As a cultural change leader, through impactful conversations shares her personal journey of homelessness to becoming one of the most visible and influential LGBTQ advocates in the world.


As a leader in the community on Asian and LGBTQ equality, Amazin was part of Biden's successful election campaign ‘Out For Biden’ Team as their LGBTQ and Asian communication digital advisor. 


We invite you to reach out to Amazin's team to discuss your needs and join Amazin in becoming a #VoicewithAction 


I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your words at the Queen's Birthday Party.

We are thankful for your contribution to the advancement of LGBTQ equality in sport, particularly for Asian LGBTQ athletes. You were part of a truly memorable UN event,

and we are forever grateful for your participation.

Dame Karen Pierce

Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the United States

(Former Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations)

The most authentic, 'naked-truth-based', empathetic, emotional, powerful and inspiring talk since we launched our series 'InclusiviTEA in October 2020.


‘Logitech was proud to invite Amazin Lethi to share her inspirational story as part of our recent Diversity Month focus on intersectionality (October 2021). Her story is one of authenticity, bravery, innovation, re-authoring and entrepreneurship. Feedback from attendees included 'inspiring and overwhelming'; a testament to her powerful story, full of raw emotionality and resilience - from homelessness to now one of the world's leading global LGBTQIA+ advocates, athlete and speaker. Her unique global world-view on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a voice that needs to be heard and supported, simple amazin'g and recommended’

Adam Travis

Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Logitech



about amazin

Amazin LêThi is a global LGBTQ advocate and cultural change leader and from her personal journey of homelessness and passion for sports, she has become one of the most visible and influential LGBTQ advocates in the world.


Want to activate and empower your audience in a way they’ll never forget? Hire Amazin as a keynote speaker, panellist or moderator at your next event!


Invite Amazin NOW.


Read about Amazin in the press from around the world.

"Asian representation in sports: How Amazin LeThi is helping to change the game" Sky Sports

"Amazin LeThi is a fearless fighter for anti-bullying in the Asian LGBTQ community" GLAAD

"Amazin is using her athletic platform to share her own story in the hope it will inspire other Asian athletes to come out" Athlete Ally

"Activist and community leader Amazin LeThi is breaking down homophobic barriers in sport, one conversation at a time" Sydney Star Observer

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