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‘I suffered a tremendous amount of discrimination and bullying as a child and into my teenage years, I’ve experienced homelessness, poverty and depression that lead to contemplating suicide. I understand what it feels like to be marginalized and what many rainbow (LGBTQ) youth are going through because I have experienced it myself. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I went through so by sharing my story and setting up my organization ‘Asian Athletes Alliance’, I want to inspire young people and help them achieve their full potential in life.’

Amazin LeThi was born in Saigon where she was left in an orphanage by her mother. As a young adult, she was homeless for a time and it was at this lowest point, contemplating suicide, Amazin realized her passion and love for sport could help her survive. Gaining physical and mental strength and confidence, against all the odds she has overcome enormous barriers to set up the world’s first global organization Asian Athletes Alliance dedicated to make the sports community more inclusive and less discriminatory for all Asian athletes and to activate Asian athlete allies to exercise their leadership to champion Asian LGBTQ sports equality.

Amazin is unique on many fronts, with an eclectic career in the public eye spanning over twenty years from health and fitness to the entertainment industry. Amazin has achieved a great deal in her life, starting in the entertainment industry at the age of five as a classical violinist, becoming a bodybuilder aged only six and competing as a natural bodybuilder as a teenager. She is Vietnam’s leading health and fitness expert, first internationally published fitness author and recognized in 2008 by the Vietnamese American National Gala Awards for her remarkable contribution in the entertainment and fitness industry.

In 2012, she became the global ambassador for Vietnam Relief Services, and in 2014 the first Asian global ambassador for Athlete Ally. In 2016, GLAAD named Amazin one of only seven Asian LGBTQ activists accelerating equality globally and in 2018 named one of four Asian LGBTQ athletes accelerating sports equality by the American National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance along with becoming the first openly out Asian athlete to appear in the Stonewall UK ‘Rainbow Laces Campaign’. In 2019, listed in the Australian Pride Power List and for the second year listed in the Human Rights Campaign Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month of May Honours list.

During the Obama administration, Amazin organized the first ‘Spirit Day’ collaboration with GLAAD and White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders ‘Act to Change’ in October 2016 and her story was part of the first public White House Initiative ‘Act to Change’ an awareness campaign that addresses bullying within the Asian American community.

Amazin is a board advisor for S.A.F.E: Safe Asylum & Finding Empowerment – A New York organization for LGBTQ immigrant and asylum seekers, the world’s first Vagina Museum, Queer Britain Museum, Interim Spaces, PopHub and the LGBTQ + Venue Forum – Night Czar (Advisory Group) Mayor of London.

‘Without a mirror image of myself in the media, I had to create my own narrative as a child and, as an adult, this helped me stand in my own truth to be brave and unapologetic as an openly out Asian woman. By sharing my story and living authentically and unapologetically gives me the freedom to realize that my emotions are real, that how I feel inside matters and that I’m worthy of owning the space that I’m in. I want my story to provide a positive message for any rainbow or API (Asian Pacific Islander) person or athlete who wants to be openly out in sports and life’

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